Digital storytelling allows everyday people to share stories in an engaging way. A simple, pleasuable family and business storytelling activity. Private, secure, and universal. Hear their voice anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

A love story to the moon and back? Listen to Julie's children:
Hear Cheryl Maloney (Simple Steps ... Real Change) tell how TVL gives her "value beyond words."

Audio plus images equal The Voice Library

We simply improve the lives of lovers of time, story & poetry
in spite of technology or fads.

The Gift of a Lifetime

Gift of a Lifetime

Sometimes you just want
to hear their voice again.

Anytime - anyplace - anywhere as a legacy experience or a fun and engaging family activity.

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Author Your Audiobook

Author your Audiobook

Promote your writings in TVL
audiobook editions or Audio Blogs.

Join global digital-book, poetry,
and idea-sharing communities.

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Biz, Education & Causes

business, education, and causes

Expand in TVL your business, education, care-,
& cause-organization services and brands.

Develop staff and client audio tools, caregiver activities, & testimonials. Promote social giving.

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