Leading the Audio Storytelling Revolution

The Voice Library connects generations through voice. Whether you want to create a Verbal Family Tree or just record a personal story. The Voice Library lets you record your history as it happens and easily share it with family and friends. There’s nothing more powerful and warming than your voice and there’s never been a better way to inspire, teach and pass on family traditions than a good story. The Voice Library makes story telling cool again!

Private Label Corporate Services

The Voice Library allows your clients to share stories and messages quickly and easily online or via telephones. When you purchase 10 or more gift subscriptions, The Voice Library will customize all introductory materials for each subscription including an Introductory Letter, Recording Guide, and Customer Wallet Cards.

Our Mission

In a world saturated with commercialization and social media, The Voice Library is committed to preserving audio recordings, the power of the voice and the magic of a story. The quality of your voice and genuine emotions provide content without distraction. Our goal is to inspire our customers to use The Voice Library to conveniently and easily capture, protect, and share their life through audio, voice from their memory or as it happens, to preserve their verbal signature in a Voice Library for generations to enjoy! Thank You, The Voice Library

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