Musician uses TVL to Share His Music can be used by anyone, anywhere, including by musicians! Below is an email newsletter from musician John That who is using to share previews of his music! How will you use Hey guys hope hope all is well! Been real busy over here plotting and planning the future and realized I haven’t given y’all […]

TVL for Business

TVL for Business INSPIRE, TEACH & ENTERTAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS for GENERATIONS. We make it fun and easy for your company to, tell a Story, Teach, Gift, or present an idea as a engaging and emotionally interactive activity… anytime, anywhere in one secure universal place! Unlike social media our digital storytelling audio/ picture format is transformative, more […]

Stop the ICYMI – Why the power of Stories still Matter!

Press Release: Date: Jan 3, 2015 Contact for more information: Al Brandano President 6033650955 cell    Stop the ICYMI – Why the power of Stories still Matter!   “In Case you Missed it” , NYT article by John Holcroft writes about; the cumulative effect of today’s producers of content, the social media blizzard and its […]

VFW looks to update its image to attract younger vets, women

Veterans of Foreign Wars officials have heard criticism for years that they’re not changing fast enough to attract younger members. Now, they’re trying to prove they are listening. In coming days, President Obama is expected to sign into law a small but meaningful change in the VFW congressional charter, replacing the word “men” with “veterans” […]

Let Me Be Your Memory featured on

  Dr. Potts of Let Me Be Your Memory has been featured as a guest blogger on Maria Shriver’s personal website. He tells the tale of Let Me Be Your Memory’s origins and what it hopes to accomplish. An excerpt: “As a neurologist treating people with dementia and supporting their caregivers, and as a caregiver myself […]