York Hospital Oncology & Infusion Care Partners with

York Hospital Oncology & Infusion Care has chosen The Voice Library’s storytelling platform for an innovative pilot program to simply help patients “tell and share their story of life and recovery” privately with family members in a more soulful, mindful, and holistic way, as an integral part of the self healing process. This new pilot program is based […]

Is the Voice the Organ of the SOUL?

We believe so! Longfellow said it best; “The Human voice is the organ of the soul” Humans our simply wired for sound, that is why the battery to your brain is your ear – not our eyes. Video has consequentially driven our attention spans to 8 sec. (Goldfish are 9 sec.) The voice allows everyone’s brain […]

Thank you Blue Water Mortgage!

Thank you to Blue Water Mortgage for sponsoring the Military Families Story Project! We greatly appreciate your support in providing digital storytelling Gift subscriptions to pre deployment active, reserve Military Families, Veteran – non profit organizations. For more information on this great program and how you to can support it click here:

TVL for Podcasting

Ever feel like you are connected but not truly connecting to anything- anyone anymore. Major reason attention spans are dropping to rates less than that of a goldfish. Even Millennials have little patience for voicemails, reading long text – let alone books! [Related article on Millennials.] Videos are overplayed by Markeeters and skipped by us asap. We […] seeks sponsors for Get One, Give One Military Campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  July 27, 2017 Contact: Al Brandano 603-365-0955 direct cell seeks sponsors for Get One, Give One Military Campaign August 21, 2017 — is pleased to build upon their successful Military Family Story Project, but here’s why we need you. In previous years, TVL has given 742 gift subscriptions to […]

This is your brain on VOICE & STORY

This is your brain on VOICE & STORY The truth is the tools may have changed BUT still our most priceless memories/stories are locked away, un-shared, forgotten, scattered, or lost. Here is the science behind why Voice & Story is still the best way for us humans to truly soulfully connect! Here is why […]

An Enrichment, Education, & Community Activity

ENRICHMENT – EDUCATION – COMMUNITY ACTIVITY FEATURING Programs for adults and children: is a transformative service that helps you simply blend the art of storytelling with technology. We make it fun & easy for all ages to tell a story, share life, teach, or present an idea in a more soulful and emotional interactive […]