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Our medium / platform delivers the epic power of the voice and the timeless treasure of a story & picture(s), anytime, anywhere. Like music we inspire you to spark the creative part of the brain by using your voice as the pallette and words the paint, to create a truly unique and personal experience, different and more powerful for everyone who listens. All to: Inspire, Teach, and Entertain for generations!

  • TVL is simply Better – *Affordable – long term value, flexible, creative, no advertising or sales gimmicks. *You always own and control all intellectual property and content unlike social media. *Our platform is universal, secure, simple and easy to use for all ages and skill levels. *We offer a more human and soulful experience by eliminating performance and appearance anxiety that is associated with video.

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Discover New Uses: Legacy’s – Diaries – Poetry – Podcasts – Scrapbooks – AudioBooks – Ancestry/ Family Trees – Ethical Wills – Care Giver Activity – Military Families – Corporate Gifts – Digital Storytelling Educational & Community Voice Projects.

Learn more about TVL as an Enrichment, Education, & Community Activity featuring programs for Adults and Children.

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“I wish I had a time machine, so I could go back in time to somehow hear Mom’s story of coming to America – to hear her voice sharing her fears, triumphs, excitement, hopes and dreams… so I could teach and inspire my children today! We are so glad we have found your service.”

Roger C. Shank, Tell Me A Story