What is the Military Families Story Project – Why we need YOU!

The most heartfelt and human way to say thank you to the sacrifice and bravery of our military men and women and their families! The art and treasure of storytelling, along with a caring voice, like music – is epic and timeless. Longfellow said it best: “the voice is the organ of the soul,” nothing in this world and of itself can comfort, inspire, teach and entertain, like it.

Our Goals:

To strengthen family ties, build morale and emotional bonds, give family members 24/7 global secure access to their loved ones. Preventing one or many from ever feeling isolated or alone… before, during, or after deployment!

To give military families & Veterans across the globe, a simple more soulful way to “Tell their story” captured as a legacy gift of a lifetime, in a compelling, engaging, and emotionally interactive way!

To capture the epic power of voice, (like music) and timeless treasure of a story to: Comfort, Inspire, Teach, and Entertain.

“The WWII Foundation and the Voice Library’s mission of preserving the stories of the veterans of WWII are crucial as future generations carry the torch of freedom forward.”

Band of Brothers Actor’s (Frank Perconte) James Madio 

Why we need YOU

Our mission goal for 2017 Is to deliver 300-500 digital storytelling Gift subscriptions sponsored by youto pre deployment active, reserve Military Families, Veteran – non profit organizations on or before the 2017 Holiday – Christmas season.

*All organizations receiving the gift will be posted on The Voice Library web site for all sponsors to confirm. Please join us to show our men and women in uniform and their families, just how much their sacrifice is appreciated.*

Did you know less than 1 % of the United States population is currently in service to us?

How does it all work?

TVL_Military_Family (1)

The Military Families Story Project (MFSP) Utilizing a premiere digital storytelling – audio recording / listening service that provides emotional support for citizen solders and military families, active or retired. To build morale, prevent isolation, and share values and bonds through the engaging and enjoyable art form of storytelling. Access is simple, global, and secure with just any phone or online connection. This unique service is provided through TheVoiceLibrary.net ( Exeter NH)

Why are we doing this?

This year hundreds of New Hampshire citizen Soldiers, Marines, Airman and Coast Guard and many more active throughout our country will be activated and deployed.. In the midst of major Pentagon budget cuts, your sponsorship will enable us to bring this special gift program to our local military families and veterans to help expand it into a national model for all service branches throughout the country, active or retired. Now military service members and families from anywhere in the world, with any phone or online connection, will be able to securely create, capture, and access their family stories to comfort, entertain, teach and inspire listeners for generations to come. We hope to see your company’s name attached to this wonderful, creative initiative in support of our military.

Our recent success

May 2010: Military Families story Project was conceived per the request from a wife of a seacoast NH Citizen Airman. Claire D. challenged The Voice Library to get local sponsors to provide Gift Subscriptions for Military families and distribute them thru “The Pease Greeters” to emotionally bond, and support those men, women, and families during deployment and beyond. Over # 100 subscriptions were gifted at that time. Seen on FOX News 25. Then in Sept 2010: TheVoiceLibrary.net was honored to be invited to the Pentagon by Col. Philbrook of the Suicide Prevention Task Force. In review; our service was directed to be of best serve military families – early in the pre deployment timeline.

Dec 2013: The NH Air National Guard received #100 Gift Subscriptions sponsored by the NH business community.

Dec. 2014: VFW – NH. Veterans Inc., as well as local military families was gifted over #300 subscriptions.

Dec. 2015 #321 Gift Subscriptions distributed through #9 military based family organizations and non profits.

Jan. 2016: #378 Gift Subscriptions distributed to NH Veteran Advisory Council – Commander Dave Kenny

Please join forces with us, to build and support The Military Families story project

The value to you, your company or organization


We are confident that corporate sponsorship of this initial phase of so worthwhile a project in support of our military forces will afford any local company a unique, philanthropic opportunity and highly positive, public exposure in the state and regionally.

It is with that in mind, therefore, that we respectfully invite your company to serve as an underwriter or a sponsor:

Underwriters: Gold $2,500 / Silver $1,000

Sponsorships: Business $199 / Private $99


***All underwriter or sponsorship materials received by military families will showcase your logo.

All support, staff, and materials are donated “In Kind” by The Voice Library. 100% of your sponsorship goes toward purchasing Military Families Story Project digital storytelling Gift subscriptions.

Please contact me for more info – regarding underwriter or sponsor opportunities:
Al Brandano • Alb@TheVoiceLibrary.net • 603-365-0955 The Military Families Story Project • 14 Front St. • Exeter, NH 03833

P.S. Did you know that there is nearly 300 million people in the US. Yet just 1.4 million men and women are on active duty, plus there are nearly 1.2 million “citizen soldiers” from local communities, across the country serving in the nation’s National Guard and Reserve forces. They are likely to be your family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers. For example, here in New Hampshire, it is estimated that the National Guard exerts a gross, economic impact of $220 million on our state’s economy. We are proud of our local military personnel. The Military Families Story Project will help to enhance the quality of life for all our military personnel, whether on or off duty. Please help us to show them how much we appreciate their families sacrifice and service.

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