How Does TVL Work?

Setting up your TVL Account

 Record by Mobile Device

*Download our FREE app in the appropriate app store for the best experience

  1. Log into your Voice Library subscription as a recorder
  2. Enter Recorder ID and PIN
  3. Follow the instructions to record – Plus new feature: Add a picture/slides

Record by Phone

  1. Dial 1-888-943-2763 – Select option 1
  2. Follow the instructions – Select 1 to record
  3. Enter Recorder ID and PIN

Record by Computer Microphone, Internet Connection

  1. Go to and log in as recorder in the upper right of the page.
  2. Click Recorder.
  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Click on your card’s number.
  6. Click Record New.

Upload MP3 Recordings

You can add to your TVL account any audio file that has been converted to an MP3 file (128 kpbs).

  1. Turn on MP3 recorder, adjust for room noise and size, record your stories.
  2. Go to, log in as recorder in the upper right of page.
  3. Upload stories to your Voice Library.

Record / Interview Many People at Different Locations

  1. Use your phone’s conference-call function or flash capability.
  2. Call your friends and family.
  3. Place them on hold.
  4. Call The Voice Library – 1-888-943-2763 – press 1, then follow the Recorder instructions.
  5. Once your connection is established, connect those on hold to join!

Listen to My Stories

  1. Online: Login to as a recorder or listener
  2. Phone: Call 866-343-2763, login as a Listener and follow instructions
  3. Smartphone or Mobile Device: Download app from the appropriate app store, then log in as a recorder or listener

Share My Stories

If you want to share listening access to your Voice Library with friends, give them your Listener ID and Password on your Account Master Card. They cannot record to your Voice Library unless you share your Recorder ID and PIN.

Transfer Old Recordings

Easily transfer old recordings (reel-to-reel, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, voicemails, old audio and videos) to your Voice Library. Just contact us and we will help you get started!

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