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Research has identified “Soft Skills / Social Skills” proficiency, as one of the biggest challenges for 21st century learning.

The Voice has developed a more holistic approach to solve this problem.

Our pilot programs are based on a more natural, human, soulful and fun way to bridge the gap between technology and social skills.

Utilizing our premiere digital storytelling platform and curriculum, combing the epic power of voice, active listening and the treasure of a story

Focused as a extra curricular , language arts, or enrichment programs for public, charter and home schools programs. As well as libraries makerspace activity, and non profit professional development – empowerment series.

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Musician John That can be used by anyone, anywhere, including by musicians! Musician John That is using to share previews of his music! From the artist:

…I’ll be uploading recent demos along with recent polaroids so y’all can hear (and see) where I’m headed.  I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts – Whats working? Whats not? What needs tweaking?

This first track, ‘Cute n Crazy [live]’ was recorded a week back in Brooklyn at Valhalla Studios with my good friend Nick Wissie.  It’s a little taste of the EP we’re putting together ‘Sad Beach’.  The vocals were tracked live, and mostly freestyled off the top of my head so this ones in its infancy. Let me know what you think!

Here’s How to Listen:

1. Download the free ‘The Voice Library’ app

Download on the Apple App Store

Get it on Google Play

 2. Select ‘Listener’ and enter the following:

User: 4978

Password: 73061

   3. ENJOY! And don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Audio Tributes

Longfellow said it best.. “The human voice is the organ of the soul   Elaine Haney president of Tributes was looking for a more human, soulful and powerful way to allow people to capture a loved one’s memories and legacy. Working together with the TVL team we created a simple and easy way for their customers to leave a audio testimonial/ Tribute by any phone, anytime- anyplace!

Elaine and her customers realized early on that unlike video: The epic power and timeless treasure of the human  voice, sparks a part of the brain – to create a different picture unique to each listener. Providing for more joy and longer listening times, like music.

Tributes and TVL are proud partners since 2011

Tributes is now owned by

WWII Foundation

Receive a FREE “Gift of a Lifetime” for Military Families
Family Legacy and Oral History: Recording & Share Activity

“The WWII Foundation and the Voice Library’s mission of preserving the stories of the veterans of WWII is crucial as future generations carry the torch of freedom forward.”
James Madio Actor, Band of Brothers (Frank Perconte)

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Let Me Be Your Memory

The and Cognitive Dynamics Foundation are teaming up to offer a unique audio-based archiving Language Arts curriculum for students and educational institutions in your area. The six-week Let Me Be Your Memory curriculum builds language arts competencies by raising awareness of those living with memory disorders and their care givers.

This compassionate, ground-breaking memoir-based program stimulates students to learn, investigate, and connect with family and community. It does so through a Common Core-adaptable curriculum created by an educator with a heart for sharing the human experience, and it builds intergenerational relationships by sharing stories.

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Journey Into Blindness

In a joint venture with the National Federation of the Blind – NH Chapter, we are inviting those with lost vision, along with their friends and family to tell their story. Our goal is to use storytelling as a means to educate those with sight to better understand how to simply and more comfortably share life with lose without sight.

Log-in as a listener

  • Step 1. By phone: Simply dial 1-866-343-2763 to log-in or by computer: go to (top right of page click login button) or by mobile app
  • Step 2. Enter username: 7169
  • Step 3. Enter password: 28721

Goffstown High School 50th Anniversary History Project

Award winning archivist Melissa Mannon from Goffstown NH high School selected The Voice Library to partner with, to create a unique community voice project to celebrate the buildings 50th anniversary.

The Project entailed inviting key members of the community who graduated from this building to return, and create an interactive oral history around their experiences, trials and tribulations.

Interviews were to be conducted by a host of special trained “student community reporters”.

The Voice Library team worked closely with these students to help them understand the interview process, as well as helping them to improve their soft skills to interact inter – generationally

This process gave these students the life tools/ skills and the confidence to capture the most human, soulful and engaging interviews possible, for this project and beyond…

Military Families Story Project

The most heartfelt and human way to say thank you to the sacrifice and bravery of our military men and women and their families! The art and treasure of storytelling, along with a caring voice, like music – is epic and timeless. Longfellow said it best: “the voice is the organ of the soul,” nothing in this world and of itself can comfort, inspire, teach and entertain, like it.

Our Goals:
To strengthen family ties, build morale and emotional bonds, give family members 24/7 global secure access to their loved ones. Preventing one or many from ever feeling isolated or alone… before, during, or after deployment!

To give military families & Veterans across the globe, a simple more soulful way to “Tell their story” captured as a legacy gift of a lifetime, in a compelling, engaging, and emotionally interactive way!

To deliver 300-500 digital storytelling Gift subscriptions sponsored by you – to pre deployment Military Families, Veteran organizations, and on or before the 2017 Holiday / Christmas season.

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Grandma’s Kitchen Table

TVL wants you to help us capture and share a community of stories based on life lessons, love, and compassion learned around Grandma’s kitchen — to touch, help and heal others!

TVL’ s People Therapy… Public side of TVL. Words and stories that can comfort, inspire, teach and entertain for generations.

You are invited to publicly contribute/listen.

  • Step 1. Download FREE mobile app (search TVL)
  • Step 2. Enter username: Grandmas
  • Step 3. Enter password: kitchen

Gift of a Lifetime - Verbal Family Trees

Our “Gift of a Lifetime” is the ability to hear your daughter reading Goodnight Moon, Dad’s sage advice, Mom’s bedtime stories, your son’s excitement of his new puppy, or Grandma’s loving words of understanding and compassion – RIGHT NOW!

How does TVL’s innovative voice / story / picture combination offer value superior to today’s other multimedia storytelling and legacy options?

Our technology is extremely simple, affordable, and flexible for all ages. All you need is any phone or online access.

  • No more locked away, lost, or inaccessible memories.
  • No more costly and ever changing technology to manage
  • Unlike social media, you own and control the content
  • You get to decide if it’s private or public
  • Value: Priceless