Stop the ICYMI – Why the power of Stories still Matter!

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Date: Jan 3, 2015
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Al Brandano
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Stop the ICYMI – Why the power of Stories still Matter!


“In Case you Missed it” , NYT article by John Holcroft writes about; the cumulative effect of today’s producers of content, the social media blizzard and its consumers.

Soon will our life, legacy, history be simply reduced to an ICYMI link?

Do we and our stories really matter?

Al Brandano founder of and nearly ten thousand followers believes they do.” They are the essence of our life’s journey, the epic power of voice and timeless treasure of a story. – It is our signature of humanity”. is the premiere Digital Storytelling service that allows everyday people to share life, tell a story, teach or present ideas, with full control of their intellectual property – instantly, easily, securely, privately, unlike social media.

In the past memories were locked away in some dusty draws. Even today many not captured or shared as result of complicated – ever changing technology, equipment, or skill and age levels.

The Voice Library experience simply utilizes any phone, or online connection to record audio. You access through your subscription that is pin and password protected. Recorders record – listeners listen. We believe audio has been proven to be comfortable, more intimate and soulful for people. “Like Music – audio puts us at ease”. While Video- camera technology prompts anxiety, acting, or appearance concerns.

In our dedicated work with affiliates like Dr. Daniel Potts, Let Me Be your Memory Project, ( Alzheimer’s- brain injury) Home Instead Senior Care ( as a caregiver activity), and The Military Families Story Project, we have come to realize a common denominator and initial engagement and response. “Nobody cares about me or my story!”

 But as soon as a loved one or friend takes the time to engage them, and ask a simple question, the flood gates open. Brandano says in our experience in teaching a simple interview technique, is to ask a question based on utilizing the senses. What did you smell, taste, touch, hear, and see?

We are helping to keep people connected and solve the” If I coulda, woulda, shoulda’s”. Our Gift of a Lifetime subscription, or author your Audio Book options help everyday people get started. Some have gone so far as to create their own Verbal Family™ Tree.

Why The Power of Stories Still Matter… Human connection!

In closing in the words of Robert Redford at Sundance: Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us.”