Why do I need The Voice Library?

TVL is a premiere, secure digital storytelling platform/service that allows everyday people to simply share life, tell a story, poetry, teach, or present an idea. With full control of their intellectual property – instantly, easily, securely, privately, anytime – anyplace – anywhere. Stored and shared from one easy to access universal location – for generations to enjoy!

Our digital storytelling innovation enhances and expands the one-to-one or one-to-many experience for families and business. We inspire ongoing interaction around an activity to engage for a purpose or cause.

We simply make storytelling… Cool Again!

Access: 24/7 global

  • Any Phone
  • Computer – online
  • Mobile Apple & Android mobile platforms (just search “tvl” or “The Voice Library” to download our app for free!)
  • MP3 Uploads

Why TVL is better than Social Media

Unlike social media, your TVL subscription is an invitation “to experience life through real people again”:

  • Easy to use for all generations or skill levels.
  • Frees you from advertising or constant sales gimmicks.
  • Eliminates performance, appearance, and acting anxiety
  • No complicated or ever-changing technology, equipment.
  • Protects you from Internet tracking or from sale of your information
  • Safeguards ownership/ control of your account’s recordings, pictures, & Intellectual Property
  • Technology Updates Easily transfer older reel-to-reel, voice messages, CDs, DVDs, and talking books to your always accessible and secure Voice Library

Experience Life through people again!
For generations, the status quo has been for a family member to become a family historian by default.. Tools for capture, archive and sharing have changed over the years but the premise stays the same. The epic value of story sharing is more human and soulful when utilizing the power of voice to spark the mind, to paint a picture – unique to the listener.

Focused to:

  • Comfort, Inspire, Teach and Entertain for generations!
  • Creative, Interactive, Compelling, Long –Term Valued Experience.
  • Fun, useful, emotional bonding & healing, for family / care giver activity.
  • Engaging, memoir, historical and educational communication tool.

The Voice Library is the modern solution for the ‘If I coulda, woulda, shouldas’.
This innovative tool is easily repeatable/ scale-able, with potential for powerful emotional branding experience across generations. Supporting applications in education, language arts, museums, libraries, (makerspace), audio books and business.

Projects you & your family will love – from TVL!

  • Family Fun Give the “Gift of a Lifetime” or create a Verbal Family™ Tree to inspire a family legacy activity with those you love, want to remember, and want others to remember by the sound of their own voices.
  • Memoir Projects Let Me Be Your Memory, Military Families Story Project, Community Voice Projects.
  • Promotional RecordingsAuthor your Own Audio Book
  • Social Healing Check out our Grandma’s Kitchen Table
  • WWII Foundation.org. National platform for families to focus on capturing, archive, and share the experience
  • Education, Nonprofit, and For-profit Support Podcasts, Testimonials, and Training Modules

We agree with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
“The human voice is the organ of the soul”

We invite you to join us… to help make storytelling cool again!


“I have two very young children… they just read their first stories aloud, and we added these to our archive so their grandparents could listen while traveling. They say they love the sound of the children’s voices, and listen every morning with their coffee. What’s so great is my children will have these recordings for their own kids to listen to – kinda cool!”

Anne W., Stratham NH