Our Advantage!

“Stop the “coulda, woulda, shouldas.”

The truth is the tools may have changed BUT still our most priceless memories/stories are locked away, un-shared, forgotten, scattered, or lost.

We offer ONE simple – secure – universal place to capture, share, and archive them anytime- anywhere, so you can experience life through people again!

Experience a transformative digital storytelling audio / picture format that promotes empathic & active listening.

Now simply Comfort, Inspire, Teach & Entertain for Generations.

TVL Digital Storytelling platform > Social Media & others

  • No sales gimmicks, tracking or ads
  • Ease of use for all ages & skill levels
  • Access via Phone/ Computer/ Mobile app
  • Easily transfer older technology to new
  • You share by personal invitation – to listen only.
  • No Performance or Appearance Anxiety
  • You own and control all content and Intellectual Property
  • One simple, secure, universal place – easy access for all generations
  • TVL audio / picture format is a more soulful, powerful way to tell a story, teach, share

Great long term affordable solution: monthly subscription of $1.99 = Long term valuePRICELESS

PLUS…. Audio Book / Poetry / Art / Music / Podcast / makers… add more value with TVL

  • New revolutionary Feature – now Podcast voice and Pictures!
  • Promote just you! Unlike other social- commercial businesses models
  • You always own and control content and IP (unlike social media)
  • New Authors / Poets/ Artist / Sculptors – give voice to your creation
  • Personal Invitation to listen – pin/pass code – unlike social media models
  • Added picture – ART / slide options to enhance your listeners experiences
  • Musicians/Poets/ Artists introduce / test market / feedback – your new hit.
  • Build a simple revenue model with the use of selected pass codes to access
  • No volatile or unpredictable royalty rates – No Advertising or sales gimmicks
  • Your exposure – promotion builds from word of mouth introductions – advertising.
  • Customize – easily invite voice actors – or original voices to record chapters, anytime-anyplace.
  • Creative Partnerships…Fundraiser /Revenue model options – (please contact us)

Why TVL is Better than Video 

TVL audio/picture format is a more soulful, powerful way to tell a story/poetry, teacher present an idea, as a compelling, engaging and emotionally interactive activity.

Unlike today’s overplayed video, at TVL your voice is the colors in the brush that lets your brain paint the picture, unique to each listener. Attention spans become longer and more focused. There is no performance/appearance anxiety or acting, offering recorders & listeners a more human, soulful – real life experience!

Check out our User and Activity Guide.