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Veteran’s Inc.

Susan, Blue Star Moms

Home Instead – Seacoast, NH

Dr. Potts, Cognitive Dynamics

Linda W., Tuscaloosa Magnet School

Cheryl, Simple Steps… Simple Change

Tera, Audacious Audio

Al Brandano, TVL Co-Founder

Lesley Kimball, Director Wiggen Memorial Library

Alena Ciriello. Center for Self Healing Arts

Ann Tolson, 90 Years Old

Customers Sharing Their Stories

To tell a story, to bring back a feeling, to carry on a tradition, there’s nothing like the power of a voice. Personal stories are the inspiration behind The Voice Library. Here’s what are customers have to say.

“The Voice Library goes heart to heart by recording stories, sharing stories and listening to stories. In our digital world we still yearn for our human connections. There is nothing more human, nothing more touching, than a sweet, sweet voice sharing a tale. With The Voice Library a story from Mom, or Judith Black or your crazy Uncle Charlie, is only a phone call away. LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling) is proud partner with The Voice Library to make stories accessible in our fast paced world. Life moves at the speed of story. The Voice Library is leading the way.”

Tony Toledo, President

“In the end all we have…are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.”

Roger C. Shank, Tell Me A Story

“I wish I had a time machine, so I could go back in time to somehow hear Mom’s story of coming to America – to hear her voice sharing her fears, triumphs, excitement, hopes and dreams… so I could teach and inspire my children today! We are so glad we have found your service.”

Julia M., San Francisco, CA

“As a personal historian, I am writing to share my discovery of I believe this new, easy-to-use, flexible service is the beginning of a new technology our association will capitalize on. site encourages our clients, friends, and relatives to share the comfort of voice and stories in a unique way making their voices and stories available anytime anyplace using a tool everyone’s comfortable with—any telephone or online connection. This new method lets their stories come to life whenever one or many desire them rather than being stored away or lost in other more traditional forms. The flexibility of using a telephone combined with today’s technology will help promote and expose us personally and professionally to many more potential clients with a value-added, cost-effective, multi-level pricing proposition.”

Diane M. Gray, Legacy in Words, LLC, Williamsburg, VA

“I think The Voice Library service offers such a good opportunity for personal historians! Sell a recording package along with your other personal history offerings, add on a couple hours of your time to guide an interview (at $100 to $150 per hour), walk away with a check in your pocket and nothing else to fulfill! Your client can share his or her recording with family and friends before your car even leaves the driveway. Do a good job and you will cultivate referrals, repeat business and clients for your other services. This is a great way to “fill in the empty corners of your income” with a very decent hourly wage!”

Dhyan A. The Five Essential Skills, Boulder, CO,
APH member and Small Business Consultant

“March 25, 2011 wasn’t unlike any other Friday. I was a bit more excited than usual as we were a week away from travelling to Cleveland to watch my oldest son compete in a national hockey tournament. As I was driving home that evening, my phone rang. I looked down and noticed it was my sister calling. We don’t talk too often so I assumed something was wrong. I answered and immediately heard the fear in her voice. “Mom found dad passed out in the doorway”. With tears in her voice “I think dad died”. Living about an hour and a half north of my parents, I asked what my sister knew, was apprised of the situation and immediately contacted my brother. We spoke, he went to my parents’ home, and within the hour he returned a call saying that my dad had passed away. My dad wasn’t in the greatest health, but I never thought that he would go so suddenly. I never had that chance to say goodbye; I never had that opportunity to tell him that I loved him; and never had the chance to thank him for the countless sacrifices that he made for me and my siblings throughout his life. Time has passed since that day, and the thing I miss most is hearing my dad’s voice. Over the last year he would call me regularly at my office. He would ask about my boys and I could hear the pride in his voice as he acknowledged their successes. He would laugh at times and on other occasions I could hear the discontent in his voice about local or national affairs. There was something reaffirming about listening to my dad. Everything seemed ok when I talked to him. Then I realized what a mistake I had made. Back in 2010, a close friend, Al Brandano, had spoken to me about a new service he was launching. He demonstrated how his fi rm, Remembered Voices, built this tool ( The Voice Library) that allows users to record messages and conversations through a computer or by phone. At that time, Al had given me a sample card to use and test. I remember thinking it was a great idea, but didn’t see how I could apply its use in my life. That was until my dad passed. I was a fool. I could have easily had my dad record a few words of wisdom for the grandkids, or simply just record his voice saying how proud he was for all that they accomplished. But I didn’t. And my dad and his voice are gone.

At my dad’s services I learned a lot about him that I didn’t know. He was a naval cryptologist for a few years, even serving directly under President Eisenhower. He served as a union president and union negotiator during a Boston bus drivers strike. Looking back now, my dad had a life full of history that could have been captured through The Voice Library and my dad’s voice and stories could have been shared with my kids and future generations. Since my initial conversation with Al about his product, The Voice Library has aligned with several business partners in ensuring that voices are heard. With Blue Star mothers, Al and his team work on donating gift cards to deployed soldiers so that they can share their thoughts and let loved ones at home hear their voices from abroad. Through Lend Us Your Ear, The Voice Library has helped capture the feelings and emotions of some very powerful women as they cross the finish lines of such events as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Tour de Cure. You don’t understand how important it is to hear someone’s voice until they are gone.

Mike Y., Laconia, N.H.

“Home Instead Senior Care (HISC) is the leading international non-medical homecare provider. Our work honors the rich lives of the seniors that we serve. Home Instead CAREGivers develop personal, meaningful relationships with clients and their families because we believe that the true value is in the connection between individuals. We are so much more than a homecare company.

In keeping with this value, Home Instead Senior Care of New Hampshire has partnered with The Voice Library to provide families the opportunity to create a legacy. The timeless gift of recorded stories, memories, family events and traditions is priceless.

HISC of New Hampshire has launched The Voice Library as a gift to our clients, at no cost. The initial response has been very positive. Adult children and grandchildren are spending time interviewing their aging parents and grandparents, asking them to recall their childhood home, their first job, and so many other significant life events that can be shared with generations to come. CAREGivers are also participating in this activity of reminiscing, which, research indicates is a very positive means to engage those with dementia. The recollection of old memories gives the individual with dementia, a sense of value, importance and confidence.

Home Instead Senior Care of New Hampshire is providing this legacy gift of The Voice Library because we truly value all that seniors have done and continue to do in their lifetimes. We wish to share this with the clients and families that we serve as one additional way to thank them for entrusting us with the care of an aging loved one.

Julie S.

“All parents have at one point or another needed some down time. The busy demands of running a household, working and caring for your children can at times become overwhelming.

Try this: make a recording of a few of your children’s favorite stories. Snuggle up with them, their books and your own favorite book or magazine. They have the benefit of hearing their most loved tales told in your very own voice and you have the break you deserve. Children also love hearing stories read by grandparents or other loved ones that they don’t get to see all the time. How special to have a favorite uncle read them a story even though he lives 3,000 miles away!”

Colleen L.

“The Voice Library system makes capturing those precious audio moments-the ones I’ve talked about capturing for years, but never quite found the time to record. Especially my mother’s famous recipes, those priceless and unique recipes and techniques I want to pass on to the great grandkids (and beyond). This would never have been done without the ease and efficiency offered by the Voice Library system. I’d still be just talking about it. Now my mother, when she’s in the mood, can simply speak into her phone and leave a lasting culinary legacy for her family. That’s pretty cool.”

Joe C., Retired Marine

“Making storytelling cool again!

Vin M.

Years ago before television and internet, families would sit around after dinner playing games, sharing details of their days and telling stories from the past. The Voice Library brings back the tradition of storytelling with a modern twist. Take the time to reconnect to your friends and family through the wonderful art of storytelling.”

Roger S., from Tell Me A Story

“In the end all we have…are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.”

Bob R., NH

“The process of opening an account was not very time consuming and was quite easy. Within a few days, family members were sharing stories with my family that they can keep and share for many, many years. Being in a multicultural family, the stories from the old country will be cherished for a lifetime. I highly recommend The Voice Library to anyone who has loved ones, young and old, to share thoughts, stories, or a simple heartfelt pick-me-up.”

Nancy E.,ME

“I am a visually impaired grandmother with grown grandchildren. Thank you so much for providing me an easy way to create and pass on my family’s verbal history for us to enjoy.”

Phil R., San Francisco, CA

“I just got my family to create a Verbal Family® Tree. We all are archiving and listening to our favorite family stories for the next generation of Ranellis; everyone wants my mother’s meatball recipe! I only wish my mother was still around to do it in her own voice.”

Vincent B., Saugus, MA

“I just had my dad record his World War II stories over the last week. Thank you!”

Tim B., Concord, NH

“I’ve set up my account and I’ll soon be sharing my son’s first tentative words before he grows right out of them. Thanks for the website and the idea to save such moments. Now, I won’t have to just remember what my son’s voice was like. I’ll have my Voice Library to help me remember again and again, years later!”

Anne W., Stratham NH

“I have two very young children… they just read their first stories aloud, and we added these to our archive so their grandparents could listen while traveling. They say they love the sound of the children’s voices, and listen every morning with their coffee. What’s so great is my children will have these recordings for their own kids to listen to – kinda cool!”

Carolyn L., Storrs, CT

“My boyfriend is in basic training; we will have limited phone and e-mail contact for the next 8 weeks. Hearing his voice and the funny stories he has made for me brings a smile to my face on my way to school.”

Mike S., Oklahoma City, OK

“When I first learned about The Voice Library, I immediately thought it was a great idea to preserve our families stories and voices. At Christmas time, when my boys were younger, we recorded their voice on these special ornaments. Years later, one of them pushed the record button on each, deleting the message. Needless to say my wife, their mother, was not too happy! Today, we use The Voice Library to preserve our family stories, no more deleting, and they will be available many years from now for my grandchildren to hear.”

Timothy C., Exeter, NH

“As a college student and a young adult, life goes by fast – too fast at times – and The Voice Library has offered me an easy way to record the events of my life that I don’t always have time to remember.”

Claire D., Stratham, NH

“I have two very young children; they just read their first stories. We archived them so their grandparents could listen to them while traveling; they say “they love the sound of their voices, they listen to their stories every morning with their coffee.” What’s also great is they will have them for their kids to listen to, kinda cool.”

Regina C, Ithaca, NY

“As a professor of storytelling at Ithaca College in NY, I have found The Voice website & service, to be an invaluable tool. One: As a professor I am able to build and share an archive of student story work with my colleagues and students. Two: The archive is a way for my students to share their work beyond the confines of the classroom. Lifting the story off the page and recording the human voice and sharing it with friends and families has been a way for my students to chart their own process throughout the semester. Three: As a professional who believes that memories and stories are invaluable, I have a place to store and archive things that have meaning to me, a scrapbook of stories in the human voice.”

EMB, Newbury, MA

“I have been an educator for the past 37 years at the secondary and now college level. My students have taught me about patience, kindness, courage and compassion. I feel blessed to have participated in so many lives. Their stories; some inspiring, some touching, some hilarious have become part of the fabric of my life. When I reflect on my career it is these wonderful moments that define success. Thank you Voice Library for the opportunity to easily capture them now!”

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