Audio Book – Poetry Creator – Testimonials


Compelling reasons to author a audio book, capture your writings, sermons, poetry, and business testimonials

  • Great long term subscription value
  • You always own and control content
  • No volatile or unpredictable royalty rates
  • Promote you! Unlike other commercial businesses models
  • Easy to use technology – no learning curve – simple for all ages
  • No more ever changing technology hassles/ easily convert old to new.
  • Personal Invitation to listen – pin/pass code – unlike social media models
  • Added picture / slide options to enhance your listeners online experiences
  • Flexibility – easily invite voice actors – or original voices to record chapters
  • Your exposure – promotion builds from word of mouth introductions – advertising.

EDUCATION - Language Arts Development

Did you know that nearly 44%  students are not college or career ready due to a lack of soft skills.

Soft Skill development – Active Listening Pilot Project.

We offer extracurricular and enrichment program(s) to promote 21 Century Core Skills focused on “soft skills and active listening” thru the art of digital storytelling. Utilizing our flexible & creative platform, curriculum and trainers.Engaging students thru language arts: memoir, oral histories, audio book creators. community voice projects.

See ABC News Video: Let Me Be Your Memory Project

Community Voice Projects. Community causes- awareness, oral history, libraries – makerspace

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you offer more long term value and appeal to your projects.


Research shows that people’s mental health and general well-being can improve when they can tell their stories.
  • Alzheimer’s (Let Me Be Your Memory)
  • Life coaching
  • Therapists
  • Hypno therapy
  • Storytelling / poetry to assist healing
  • Visual or physical challenged community-building
  • Speech therapy
  • Research
  • Brain injury / Dementia

Listen to how Alena Ciriello from the Center for Self Healing Arts and Dr. Potts from Cognitive Dynamics uses The Voice Library.