VFW looks to update its image to attract younger vets, women

Veterans of Foreign Wars officials have heard criticism for years that they’re not changing fast enough to attract younger members.

Now, they’re trying to prove they are listening.

In coming days, President Obama is expected to sign into law a small but meaningful change in the VFW congressional charter, replacing the word “men” with “veterans” and the word “widow” with “surviving spouses.”

It’s an edit driven by VFW leaders, who over the years have heard complaints that their organization too often overlooks the growing number of female veterans in America.



VFW – NH  was the premier sponsor of The Military Families Story Project for their members. Utilizing the appeal, innovation and medium of digital storytelling: As a Gift to connect and honor family members & service in a new- simpler, secure, cross generational way.

Gregory Lynch, Dept Of VFW NH Quartermaster
Paul Lloyd, State Adjutant NH VFW

Military Families Story Project Goals

  • To strengthen family?s ties, build morale and emotional bonds, give family members 24/7 ? global secure access, to their loved ones.
  • To provide military families and veterans across the globe the honor and ability to ?Tell their story? captured as a legacy gift of a lifetime!
  • To simply use the epic power of voice, (like music) and timeless treasure of a story to Comfort, Inspire, Teach, and Entertain.
  • To prevent one or many from ever feeling isolated or alone? before, during, or after deployment