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Simply create + share personal Audio Books & podcasts to; comfort, Inspire, teach, and entertain for generations.

Use our secure audio & picture mobile platform to create your personalized library, that’s affordable, fun, versatile, and shareable. Access your pass code protected secured library anytime – anyplace, via our free mobile app. You own and control all content. No marketing or advertising gimmicks.

Access your pass code protected secured library anytime – anyplace, via our free mobile app.


The Voice Library’s Goal is to help you celebrate life and capture the human experience in the epic power of voice & pictures – into your timeless treasure of a story;

Do it for or with the people you love!

  • Friends & Family; Legacy, life events, sage advice, family recipes, journaling, celebration of life, care giver activity, family recipes- cook book,  time capsules.
  • Businesses; Testimonial Builder – emotional branding thru the art of storytelling. Corporate & employees gifting, health care, patient activity, authors, artists, poets, promotional tool, inspirational marketing, podcasting.
  • Education; supporting social emotional learning, soft skills development for students. Oral History, Ancestry, Community and school Library activities, Museum and historical society’s , Senior Center activity,

    Who We Support

    Personal Use

    Learn how to share life experiences, present an idea, or create your legacy in a more interactive way.


    Find out how TVL can help your students develop their skills to learn the art of storytelling. 

    Business / Health

    Learn a more human and soulful way to emotionally brand with your customers across generations! 

    Our Products

    Discover New Uses

    Museums & Historical Societies

    Exhibit Creator & Community Engagement tool

    Community Libraries

    To Comfort, Inspire, Teach & Entertain
    Audio Books to be heard at your community libraries

    Testimonial Builder

    Golden Rules of Marketing
    First Impressions, and Word of Mouth Testimonials.

    Artist Story & Image Tool

    You have heard the axiom a “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”—imagine adding your voice to accompany it.

    At TVL unlike social media; YOU the subscriber owns and controls all content and Intellectual property. You decide what is private or public. We will never sell your data to anyone – ever!

    Al Brandano

    President and Founder, The Voice Library

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    Your recordings are safe, secure, and easy to access in your personal Voice Library account and downloadable for generations.

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