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“If a picture is worth 1,000 words…”

Power your voice. Power your vision.  

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Inspirational Marketing

Longfellow said it best: “the human voice is the organ of the soul”


What is TVL?

Memories are fleeting but stories timeless – keep yours here!

The Voice Library" Is your easy to use Audio Book Creator that simply lets you capture Life’s experiences/testimonials through the epic power of voice, story + pictures

All woven into a priceless, shared treasure - your loved ones will cherish for generations! Secured in our private, pass code protected, digital library for recorders/ listeners to universally access anytime-anyplace!

Our Audio Book Features

  • Audio recordings with pictures:  a more soulful, natural way to use the art of storytelling
  • Reduces Stress, Isolation, & Loneliness.
  • Ease performance Anxiety, Age & Acting concerns
  • Fun & Easy to use all ages and technology levels

Our “Inspirational marketing” solutions help:

Business, Education, Fundraising, Gifting and Community Programs worldwide to emotionally connect brands while engaging their customers on a more personal level.

Why use TVL?

Emotionally connect your brand in a remarkable way. “Your story” simply in the power of your voice, the most passionate, engaging, human way to bond with your customers. Key features include ease of use, ­flexibility, affordability, long term value and anytime- anywhere access.


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Give YOUR Voice to your Art

If a picture is worth 1,000 words – imagine the value in hearing them!

TheVoiceLibrary experience transforms the epic passion of your artist’s voice, eye, or brush in a more soulful human way that connects your brand to your customers on a deeper more emotional level.


Are you using the most powerful

marketing tool in the history of man?

Discover the Power of Voice


Emotional Connection

Case #1

Viewing art while hearing the artist’s story

Share your passion and style in your own voice. Drive the feeling with your voice, so the viewer can feel what you felt while creating the art.

  • Vastly improves sale opportunities
  • Allows your voice to become the soul of your art
  • Give viewers the ability to share your feelings

Case #2


This is my personal invitation for you to experience my art in a new way. In my voice you can feel/hear my passion, style and desire for the viewer to take away. Please share with me your thoughts and impressions. Your experience begins now

Simply follow these steps:


Case #3

Art Gallery/Musician

Marketing and PR Tool
Features up and coming art, poetry and music. Tell your stories in a remarkable new way.

Case #4

Fundraising Nonprofits

Appeal to and attract sponsors/supporters in a more personal way. Let them experience the artists by personally inviting them to listen. Have your artists, poets, writers, musicians tell their story in a picture along with the epic, timeless power of the voice.

Case #5

Business Card

Business Cards that “Tells your story”. Back of your card print access instructions – listening credentials

Our Advantage

TVL Digital Storytelling platform > Social Media & others



White Label opportunity – Corp Gifting


No sales gimmicks or advertising


No hardware - software or costly upgrades


Ease of use for all ages - skill levels


Access via Phone, Computer, & Mobile app


Easily transfer older technology to new


No Performance or Appearance Anxiety


You share by personal invitation – to listen only.


Easy to download your library recordings to a web site / social media


Own and control all content and Intellectual Property


One affordable simple, secure, universal place – easy access for all generations


PLUS..New “Revolutionary” feature: Podcast audio with pictures – contact us to learn more

Unlike today’s overplayed video, at TheVoiceLibrary your voice is the colors in the brush that lets your brain paint the picture, unique to each listener. Attention spans become longer and more focused. There is no performance/appearance anxiety or acting, offering recorders & listeners a more human, soulful – real life experience!

Your Long term value – PRICELESS

How to Access

access anytime, anywhere—simply & flexibly. Universal & secure.

with any phone or mobile device


Option 1

Listen on any phone

1-866-3-HEAR-ME (1-866-343-2763)

Listener ID: 3018

Listener Password: 1234


Option 2

On your mobile phone or tablet

Audio Book with Pictures


1. Download free mobile app here:


2. Login as Listener

Listener ID: 3018

Listener Password: 1234


TVL Advantage

If a picture is worth 1,000 words – what’s the value in hearing them!

TVL experience transforms the epic passion of YOU – artist’s voice, eye, or brush in a more soulful human way that connects on a deeper more emotional level to customers.

  • Promote just you! Unlike other social- commercial businesses models

  • You always own and control content and IP (unlike social media)

  • Added picture – ART / slide options to enhance your listeners experiences

  • No volatile or unpredictable royalty rates – No Advertising or sales gimmicks

PLUS a NEW “Revolutionary” feature: Podcast audio with pictures

So Let's Get Started

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