Longfellow said it best:

“the human voice is the organ of the soul”


The Voice Library Audiobook Creator

  • Features:  Voice and Pictures
  • Access: Anytime -Anywhere mobile app, computer, phone.
  • Options : Listen Free or Revenue $ Creator
  • No Advertising or Marketing Gimmicks
  • No Royalties

3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Set up an account and Purchase a TVL Audiobook subscription $179

Subscription gives you and your listeners 2 years unlimited access
Anytime – anywhere by mobile app, computer, or phone.

Add more years as needed

Step 2


Narration and name each chapter – add still rotating pictures  or art.

Flexibility… our platform let’s you easily record or upload edited MP3 files

Your Voice Actors can also access anytime – anyplace

Step 3

Pitching Your Audio Book

Self promotion – personally invite friends and  family – use social media. 

They access our Free App with your Listener Credentials  pin & passcode to listen at no cost!

Your Revenue $ Creator Ideas

1. One time cost to access Audiobook  – After payment you give Listener access credentials
2. Release one chapter at a time – (Charge Listener for listener credentials  – change monthly)
3. New concept: Open source authors – Invite others to add the next chapter to this now ever changing book! You simply charge new authors to join (Give them recorder credentials)

Additional Uses:






Family Legacy

Personal journals

Cook Book Recipes

Religious sermons

…and so much more.

So Let's Get Started

Select: Audiobook 
2-Year Subscription $179  


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