Longfellow said it best:

“the human voice is the organ of the soul”


TVL Audiobook / Podcast  Creator

  • Features:  Voice and Pictures
  • Access: Anytime -Anywhere mobile app, computer, phone.
  • Options : Listen Free or Revenue $ Creator
  • No Advertising or Marketing Gimmicks
  • No Royalties

3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Set up an account and Purchase a TVL Audiobook subscription $179

Subscription gives you and your listeners 2 years unlimited access
Anytime – anywhere by mobile app, computer, or phone.

Add more years as needed

Step 2


Narration and name each chapter – add still rotating pictures  or art.

Flexibility… our platform let’s you easily record or upload edited MP3 files

Your Voice Actors can also access anytime – anyplace

Step 3

Pitching Your Audiobook or Podcast

Self promotion – personally invite friends and  family – use social media. 

They access our Free App with your Listener Credentials  pin & passcode to listen at no cost!

Your Revenue $ Creator Ideas

Attention Audiobook Creators

1. One time cost to access Audiobook  – After payment you give Listener access credentials
2. Release one chapter at a time – (Charge Listener for listener credentials  – change monthly)
3. New concept: Open source authors – Invite others to add the next chapter to this now ever changing book! You simply charge new authors to join (Give them recorder credentials)

Perfect for New Podcasters

We’ve eliminated most of the existing barriers common to your entry into podcasting:
  • Easy to use platform will streamline your workflow
  • Affordable – NO expensive upfront costs
  • Combination of voice & pictures delivers a more immersive experience
  • Listeners have anytime/anyplace multi-device access
  • Turnkey revenue stream based on your listener’s promo code access


Additional Uses:






Family Legacy

Personal journals

Cook Book Recipes

Religious sermons

…and so much more.

So Let's Get Started

Select: Audiobook 
3-Year Unlimited Subscription $179  


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