Exeter, NH: The Voice Library today announced 60 Day FREE Gift Subscriptions for residents in senior living facilities. These gift subscriptions are available to families and senior living facility staff to bridge the distance and reduce the feelings of isolation & loneliness for families, which are being experienced nationwide by the COVID-19 social distancing.  Residents can access their family voice library 24/7 by calling 866-343-2763 and entering a unique 4 digit pin, which is created by the family representative when they activate the free subscription.  The Voice Library enables families to create secure libraries of audio stories that can be accessed day or night via telephone, internet or The Voice Library App.  Family members near and far can collaborate together or individually record messages and stories expressing their love; reminiscing about cherished moments or recording family history that can be shared not only today but for generations to come.  

“This is the bridge, the connection between families that will live on, it’s timeless,” says Gayle Davis, at Senior Helpers.  She continues, “with The Voice Library, we have seen the emotional state of our clients improve, while tying in the family to the entire process.”

A Voice Library subscription can be a powerful healing tool for residents & families as their stories:

  • Uplift emotions and enhance connections between teller and listener
  • Improve mood, happiness & well-being
  • Boost self-esteem, value and peace of mind

60 Days FREE Gift subscriptions are available NOW!  To subscribe, visit https://thevoicelibrary.net/apps/createaccount.aspx .  To activate the FREE 60 Days subscription enter coupon code Trial60 (case sensitive).

About The Voice Library: In 2008 a cluster of events drove Margo Brandano to tears wanting desperately to hear the voices of her deceased parents, from that despair the seed for a voice archiving service was firmly planted. Al and Margo Brandano discovered that no telephone based voice archive service existed and set out to create a service that would preserve voices forever.  The Voice Library is a cross-generational, simple to use, service which allows users to have private access to verbal family trees, personal stories, and, even, community historical records.

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