tvl-email-terryThe Voice Library IS your gift of a lifetime!


The Voice Library is rocking the world and gaining support from people like yourself (nearly 5000 strong) by finding its niche as the easiest human audio connection service of our time.


Terry Conforti of New York City put it best:


“I kinda feel like TVL has grown up with us; always sitting unassuming in the background, quietly helping our family capture the true essence & soul of life’s events from the birth of my child, Mary’s first kiss, grandma’s recipes, grandpa’s WW11 stories, Vic’s college graduation, Janice’s memory table at her wedding, mom and dads 50th, to a legacy activity for grandma and the family at hospice prior to her passing. Before those memories and blessings were locked away in a draw or simply forgotten. Thanks to your service we listen now, whenever and wherever we feel the desire!”


We are also the foundation for The Military Families Story Project, as well as Let Me Be Your Memory Project – an amazing Alzheimer’s Awareness Project for school age children and organizations. Next is an exciting launch in mid-October at BJ’s Wholesale Club in selected stores from Maine to Florida. Please join us in support and celebration of these social, meaningful, and life celebrating events!


With great appreciation,
Al Brandano, President
The Voice Library

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