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What is TVL

We are a simple, easy to use audio & photo mobile platform.

Our service allows you to capture and create Audio Books and Podcasts; Of stories, life experiences, testimonials, and demonstrations, all saved in your private, pass code protected, and secure Library.

Access to your Library is universal – via our free mobile app or any phone.

Our service builds an emotional bond & brand like none other to help;

  • Friends & Family in celebrating as a Gift the joys of living and capturing priceless legacies.
  • Businesses utilize the art of storytelling to engage customers in a more soulful meaningful way.
  • Education by supporting social emotional learning, soft skills development, and history.

Our Goal is to help you simply capture the human experience in the epic power of voice and timeless treasure of a story to comfort, Inspire, teach, and Entertain for generations to come!.

How will you use The Voice Library?

Audio Book with Pictures, Poetry Book Creator, Give Voice to your ART Project

Digital Storytelling Activity, Legacy, Ancestry Class Projects

Community Voice, Oral Histories

Libraries, Senior Centers, Legacy, Audibook, Story Time Activity, Makerspace , Community contests

Leadership , Soft Skill Development, Emotional Intelligence Projects

Class Audio Time Capsules, Yearbooks

Discover Enrichment, Continuing Education, & Community Activity Projects for Children & Adults

Contact Sales to customize a program for you.

The Voice Library

Comfort – Inspire – Teach – Entertain

Let us help you discover the many uses! Contact us today for prices and value add options.

Our Advantage

TVL Digital Storytelling Platform

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White Label opportunity – Corp Gifting


No sales gimmicks or advertising


No hardware - software or costly upgrades


Ease of use for all ages - skill levels


Access via Phone, Computer, & Mobile app


Easily transfer older technology to new


No Performance or Appearance Anxiety


You share by personal invitation – to listen only.


Easy to download your library recordings to a web site / social media


Own and control all content and Intellectual Property


One affordable simple, secure, universal place – easy access for all generations


PLUS..New “Revolutionary” feature: Podcast audio with pictures – contact us to learn more

Unlike today’s overplayed video, at TheVoiceLibrary your voice is the colors in the brush that lets your brain paint the picture, unique to each listener. Attention spans become longer and more focused. There is no performance/appearance anxiety or acting, offering recorders & listeners a more human, soulful – real life experience!

Your Long term value – PRICELESS

How it Works


Voice with pictures
easily and securely by
phone, computer, or mobile app.


Simply access and share your recordings anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy peace of mind,
as your recordings are
safe and secure for future use.

Listen to a Testimonial:

Goffstown High School 50th Anniversary History Project

by Melissa Mannon

Use an App

Download our FREE app from either Google Play or Apple Store for the best experience


Give your students your Listener ID and Password on your Account. They cannot record unless you share your Recorder ID & PIN.

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