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Community Libraries

Your Library features a host of new activity’s that inspires, promotes, and supports a growing and exciting ageless community of: new writers, artists storytellers and poets -To find their Voice – be heard

This dynamic Audio Book Creator activity assists in helping to:

  • increase walk-in and web site traffic to your Library.
  • Makerspace: Helps reverse the growing effects of loneliness and isolation by encouraging a soulful venue
  • To Comfort, Inspire, Teach & Entertain one or many!

Museums & Historical Societies

Dynamic, fun, easy to use as a promotional activity/presentation tool, that’s affordable fun and flexible.

Helps increase walk-in and online traffic to your museum.

Simply capture & share new exhibits in voice and pictures.

Try our ten fun and educational activity classes.

Our Advantage

Hanging out playing games with the family?  On a vacation, celebrating or just sitting around the fire talking? Capture stories in realtime or plan a special time to hear the wonderful memories we hold so dear just waiting to be shared and heard.  Record or access your voice library via our mobile app for easy, anytime access. 

The Voice Library Honors Time Together & Prompts the Telling of Our Stories.

How it Works


Voice with pictures
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phone, computer, or mobile app.


Simply access and share your recordings anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy peace of mind,
as your recordings are
safe and secure for future use.

Listen to a Testimonial:

Goffstown High School 50th Anniversary History Project

by Melissa Mannon

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Give your students your Listener ID and Password on your Account. They cannot record unless you share your Recorder ID & PIN.

Need Ideas?

See some of the excellent projects we’ve already collaborated on: 
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