Here’s How

Create a timeless family legacy gift based around a loved ones life story or adventures. This family activity will inspire, heal, strengthen, and cherish one or many!


  1. Select a loved one you wish to honor
  2. Collect some pictures, music, or memoirs of their past
  3. Start your Voice Library Subscription!

After Dinner

  • Bring the family together – take out one picture at a time
  • Start recording into your Voice Library (phone, online, or MP3)
  • Ask loved ones the what, where, and why’s
  • Engage the five senses to help recall the experience


Memories are fleeting but stories are timeless. Keep them secure and accessible 24/7 in The Voice Library – anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Put an end to the “If I could ‘a, would ‘a, should’a …”
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