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TheVoiceLibrary.net is a transformative service that helps you simply blend the art of storytelling with technology. We make it fun & easy for all ages to tell a story, share life, teach, or present an idea in a more soulful and emotional interactive way. Anytime, Anywhere in one secure universal place!


* Audio Book & Scrapbook Creator
Learn how to create, connect, and collaborate, your writings into voice & pictures.
Longfellow said it best; “The Human Voice is the organ of the soul”
Also use for journals, diaries, testimonials, scrapbooks, recipes, sermons, manuscripts, poetry and so much more.

* Ancestry / Legacy Creator  
Great Activity for the storytellers in your life!
Share for generations; wisdom, sage advice, humor, love.
Create a Verbal Family Tree which includes all your families pictures, voice, story!

* Artist’s Promotional Activity – Podcast creator / with pictures
Artists, Poets, Painters, Sculptors, and more…
Longfellow said it best; “The Human Voice is the organ of the soul”
Discover how to bring the power and spirit of your voice to your works of Art.
To uniquely share your passion of your creations to admires and buyers- anytime – anywhere!

*GrandMa’s & GrandPa’s Kitchen Table .. 
What did you learn – what do you want to share.
“Never feel or be alone Again”
Community Voice Project where members of your community or church ( all ages)
Come together and share wisdom, knowledge, love, humor, recipes and life’s lesson’s learned for the next generation!

 * A Soulful Cup Of Coffee … Capture Love or a Legacy over a cup of coffee (coffee house setting)
Family member or community learn basic interview techniques and use key questions to capture a love or legacy.
Share heir sage advice, humor, and wisdom in your personal, private, and secure family library.
All to Comfort – Inspire – Teach – and Entertain for generations!

****Leadership Development …focused on “soft skills”, active listening and empathic listening 
Full # 7 week Curriculum (90 min sessions/ per week) – final ends in a story / poetry slam (Middle school and above students)
TVL | Listening is the new Connection

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With Gratitude,
Al Brandano

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