Merriam-Webster Definition of thanks:

1 :kindly or grateful thoughts :gratitude.

2 :an expression of gratitude • return thanks before the meal —often used in an utterance containing no verb and serving as a courteous and somewhat informal expression of gratitude.

For most of us the passage of TIME.. the holidays, season , years, seem to be just flying by.
Neuroscientist’s theory is that because as we age we experience less “First Times” that imprint and challenge our conscience mind.

“First Times” .. ride a bike, kiss, love, school, catch a ball, hit a homerun, be on stage … ect.
This Thanksgiving celebrate thanks / gratitude and first times again with a family activity like none more loving.

Return with us.. back to the future – where people really matter again.

Gather around Grandmas & Grandpa’s Kitchen table gather all around – spread out some old pictures from the past and let them share with you their “ First Times “again!

Capture it all simply for future generations to enjoy with

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