Healthcare Provider Partnerships

Longfellow Said it Best: “The Human Voice is the Organ of the Soul.”

When it Comes to Patient Care and Support, the Human Voice is Incredibly Powerful.  

A Voice Can Comfort.
A Voice Can Inspire.
A Voice Can Heal.  

The Voice Library is a Simple Tool That Enhances Patient Care and Support in a Meaningful Way.

How it Works

The Voice Library is a secure, private audio repository where words of comfort, encouragement and healing can be shared between family and friends.

The Voice Library gives families going through a healthcare journey the opportunity to connect with loved ones in an intimate, private and convenient way. The Voice Library is ideal for the families of inpatients as well as those in post-operative care or support groups.

Audio can be recorded and listened to on any device, including a cellphone, tablet, computer or traditional phone. The recordings are completely secure, ad-free, conveniently cataloged and available 24/7.

Below are a few examples of how The Voice Library can be used to positively impact families experiencing a short- or long-term healthcare event:

  • to give health updates
  • to offer encouragement and support
  • to deliver inspirational messages
  • to share stories and memories

The Voice Library is HIPAA-compliant as well as being easier to use and more private than social media or a caregiver webpage that requires written updates.

Importantly, The Voice Library can be white-labeled to reflect your healthcare organization’s brand when you offer it as a gift or helpful support resource for patients and their family.

Why Healthcare Organizations Partner With The Voice Library

To Enhance the Patient Care and Support Experience

The way a patient and their family experiences your healthcare experience covers a wide variety of areas, from items like the food, noise and number of times they are checked in on to overall outcomes and satisfaction with follow-up care and therapy. The Voice Library enhances the overall patient care experience by offering a highly personalized support structure that the patient and their family and friends can use from the time they enter the facility to long after they’ve left your care. The ability of The Voice Library to help patients and their families be comforted, inspired and healed will be closely associated with your healthcare organization.

To Give Patients and their Families an Innovative Resource for Support

When patients and their families enter the healthcare system they are often scared and overwhelmed. The Voice Library can be used to help alleviate these feelings by providing an innovative, personalized support network that takes advantage of the power of the human voice. Even loved ones who are far away can deliver support and receive updates through these powerful audio recordings. While the focus is typically recorded messages, personal photos can be attached to an audio recording as well to be even more impactful.

To Form a Deeper Connection Between the Patient and the Healthcare Organization

By offering The Voice Library to your patients, you will be forming a deeper bond with patients and their family. Because of the added support resource you are providing, they will be more likely to recommend your organization to their family and friends. Each time they use The Voice Library, they will be reminded that your organization gave them this resource and how much of a positive impact it had on their lives.

To Give Patients and Caregivers a Gift That Shows How Much Your Organization Cares

Tired of giving away pens, mousepads and t-shirts? The Voice Library is an ideal gift for patients and their families because it’s highly meaningful and impactful. It also:

  •  Is more affordable than most giveaways (gift subscriptions last five years).
  • Gives patients and caregivers a voice in their healthcare journey.
  • Links patients and caregivers directly to your organization in a positive way.

You Might Be Wondering…

What kind of healthcare organizations does The Voice Library partner with?

The Voice Library partners with any size or type of healthcare organization. Healthcare systems, hospitals, short- and long-term care facilities, mental health providers and other businesses that work with families who are on a healthcare journey are ideal partners.

Can I white label The Voice Library so it can be used for marketing my organization?

Yes. If you plan to give The Voice Library as a gift or offer it as a patient resource, it can be white-labeled to reflect your organization’s brand. Information about how to set-up and use The Voice Library is delivered in a medium-sized envelope that can feature your logo or brand.

Do you have information about a current partnership with a healthcare organization?

We do. Please click on this link to read about how we are working with the Oncology Department at York Hospital. We have teamed up with their Oncology and Infusion Care team to offer Oncology Support Group members the opportunity to use The Voice Library to enhance their care and support.

What healthcare programs or departments are ideal targets for a Voice Library partnership?

While we would like healthcare organizations to offer The Voice Library to all patients and their families, we understand that proof of concept is often necessary. We’ve found that good entry-points for our resource are Oncology, Mental Health, Cardiac Services and Women’s Health.

Ready to Learn More?

We are passionate about how The Voice Library can be used to enhance the patient experience for not only the patient, but also their caregivers, family members and friends. We would love to talk to you about your specific patient experience goals and how The Voice Library can be used to improve that experience and help you stand out in your community.


Voice with pictures
easily and securely by
phone, computer, or mobile app.


Simply access and share your recordings anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy peace of mind,
as your recordings are
safe and secure for future use.

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