What is TVL

We are a simple, easy to use audio & photo mobile platform.

Our service allows you to capture and create Audio Books and Podcasts; Of stories, life experiences, testimonials, and demonstrations, all saved in your private, pass code protected, and secure Library.

Access to your Library is universal - via our free mobile app or any phone.

Our service builds an emotional bond & brand like none other to help;

  • Friends & Family in celebrating as a Gift the joys of living and capturing priceless legacies.
  • Businesses utilize the art of storytelling to engage customers in a more soulful meaningful way.
  • Education by supporting social emotional learning, soft skills development, and history.

Our Goal is to help you simply capture the human experience in the epic power of voice and timeless treasure of a story to comfort, Inspire, teach, and Entertain for generations to come!.

Healthcare Provider Partnerships

Enhance The Patient Experience

Longfellow said it best: “the human voice is the organ of the soul”


Their “Story” Is the most powerful healing tool

 A growing body of research into the therapeutic healing of storytelling affirms its importance to have a patient /client “tell their story” share their journey personally or with a listener.

  • Uplifts emotions and builds connection between teller and listener
  • Boost immune response – reduce stress
  • Improves mood / happiness/ well-being
  • Builds Intimacy, value, self esteem
  • Patient discovery of true values
  • Express and manage feelings  

“A wonderful tool for our patients and families to share stories that hold special meaning to friends and family. Recorded memories are all about life, and our experiences, learning from the past – living in the present and building for the future.”

– Susan Kelly Westman, Oncology Social Worker & Infusion care York Hospital Maine


Healthcare Use Cases

Assisted Living / Palliative Care/ Hospice

Soulful; Emotional healing -family bonding, creative & fun, via our Love/Legacy activities

Brain Injury / Speech Therapy

Inspirational patient resource/ cognitive improvement tool – record, listen, archive 


Baseline – Evaluation tool. Reminiscent Therapy; designed around an ongoing, inclusive family visiting activity.

Oncology -Infusion:

Mindfulness; capture your journey in treatments; inspire family to share their support


Dr. & Client share private audio journal..  Personal coaching anytime, anywhere

Administration Tool

Capture more meaningful testimonials / patient experiences. Help provider – caregiver understand whole person

The Voice Library offers White Label opportunities to reflect your organizations brand /practice when you offer it as a gift or helpful emotional support resource for both patients and family.

Our Emotional Prescription:

Laugh, Love, Heal, Touch, Teach & Inspire.

Our storytelling service simply and joyfully transforms the growing empathic gap between provider, patient, and family, into a life changing -priceless gift.

Listen to a Testimonial:

So Let's Get Started

Let us help you discover the many uses for personal, business, and education! Contact us today for prices and value add options.

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