We help Military and 1st Responder families and friends through the art of storytelling:

Strengthen family ties, build morale and emotional bonds; give family members 24/7 – global secure access, to help in preventing isolation or loneliness.
Focus on learning new ways to deal with stress as well as build trust, help break down communication barriers that have been unconsciously built into our daily lives, which in turn may lead some to self harm or family breakups.
Offer a simple more soulful way to “Tell their story” captured as a legacy gift of a lifetime, honoring another, dedication & service, love, sage advice all in a more compelling, engaging, and emotionally interactive way!

To Comfort, Inspire, Teach, and Entertain for generations to come!

MISSION 2022-2023

To deliver 200 Legacy Audio Book Creator subscriptions, gifted to pre-deployment, active, and reserve military families, veterans, and first responders. We also offer these sponsored gifts to nonprofit organizations, family training classes and special events, on or before the 2022-23 holiday season.

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We Need You

Learn more about the Military & First Responders Family Story Project and find out how you can help. 

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