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Hey guys hope hope all is well!

Been real busy over here plotting and planning the future and realized I haven’t given y’all any new music since FEBRUARY (yikes).

To make up for it I’m trying something new and need your help! I’ll be uploading recent demos along with recent polaroids so y’all can hear (and see) where I’m headed. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts – Whats working? Whats not? What needs tweaking?

This first track, ‘Cute n Crazy [live]’ was recorded a week back in Brooklyn at Valhalla Studios with my good friend Nick Wissie. It’s a little taste of the EP we’re putting together ‘Sad Beach’. The vocals were tracked live, and mostly freestyled off the top of my head so this ones in its infancy. Let me know what you think!



Here’s How to Listen:

1. Download the free ‘The Voice Library’ app


Download on the Apple App Store

Get it on Google Play

2. Select ‘Listener’ and enter the following:

User: 4978

Password: 73061

3. ENJOY! And don’t forget to let me know what you think!



Much Love,



a little info on & The TVL App: I bumped into an old friend recently and after catching up discovered this amazing project that he’s been putting together. With a focus on storytelling the platform connects audio with still images to allow one to really experience life through people again. Think of it as a podcast with pictures but with No advertising, No sales tricks, No gimmicks, No user tracking and for once the artist can own his uploads and intellectual property again! All in all the TVL will provide a more soulful, human and personal way for you to experience my music and stories. Moving forward I hope to get other artist friends involved so that we can share a collaborative experience with y’all.

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