Nicole Beaudry of Podcast was looking for an easy to use Podcast/ Audio book service- tool that was: flexible, affordable, with a low barrier to entry to satisfy the desires of her thousands of followers.  After an extensive search and review The Voice Library’s (TVL) storytelling platform was the one, highly recommended for simply helping podcasters “tell and share their story’s in a more soulful, mindful, and holistic way. “Honestly there aren’t a ton of easy-to-use services like this out there, and few provide the support that The Voice Library does for its users”.. said Nicole. PodcastManiac review of

The Voice Library .net : is a remarkable storytelling platform has been actively and creatively” making storytelling cool again” for over 10 years!  It’s amazing, yet understanding why in today’s over stimulated – over media-zed world, with human 3 sec. attention spans, people are connecting BUT not feeling connected. For instance a recent Rand Group study pegs the most loneliness generation at 16-24 – Al Brandano President The voice Library

Nicole & Al both agree.
Longfellow said it best; “The Human voice is the organ of the soul”
The Battery to your brain is your ear, first sense active in the womb and last to leave in death.
In essence “Your Voice” is your signature of Humanity, unlike video it goes directly to a part of the brain that sparks the emotion & creativity center like music.

Features as reported by Podcast Maniac  by Nicole

The Voice Library offers: easy to use multiple options, Mobile App., Computer, or any Phone for recording and listening, from multiple devices.

Real Plus…Adding Photos

The option to add photos to a recording, for a slideshow effect, is really cool. At first, I thought, “If I’m going to do this, why not just create a video?”  The folks at The Voice Library have heard this before. They explained to me that research shows that the human attention span – which is getting shorter these days – is actually held longer when listening to a voice (instead of being distracted while watching video) Another reason to choose audio (with just pictures) over video: performance anxiety. A lot of people don’t want to be on video, or don’t like the way they look, so they choose not to participate in storytelling projects.

The app is a wonderful tool and additional call-in features are very intuitive.

The folks at The Voice Library really want to help people connect through stories. I discovered the full of ideas for how their service can be used. There are even tons of audio clips you can listen to for inspiration!  TVL offers many uses for Business: This includes: Teachers, Musicians, Grandparents, Entrepreneurs, Non-profits, Kids, Authors, Caregivers, Artists, Business /Customer Testimonials

And more… Truly the opportunities are endless!

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