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Bridging the Social Distance for Residents in Senior Living Facilities

Exeter, NH: The Voice Library today announced 60 Day FREE Gift Subscriptions for residents in senior living facilities. These gift subscriptions are available to families and senior living facility staff to bridge the distance and reduce the feelings of isolation...
Audio Tributes

Audio Tributes

Longfellow said it best.. “The human voice is the organ of the soul   Elaine Haney president of Tributes was looking for a more human, soulful and powerful way to allow people to capture a loved one’s memories and legacy. Working together with the TVL...

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Journey Into Blindness

Journey Into Blindness

In a joint venture with the National Federation of the Blind - NH Chapter, we are inviting those with lost vision, along with their friends and family to tell their story. Our goal is to use storytelling as a means to educate those with sight to better understand how...

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