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Bridging the Social Distance for Residents in Senior Living Facilities

Exeter, NH: The Voice Library today announced 60 Day FREE Gift Subscriptions for residents in senior living facilities. These gift subscriptions are available to families and senior living facility staff to bridge the distance and reduce the feelings of isolation...
Is the Voice the Organ of the SOUL?

Is the Voice the Organ of the SOUL?

We believe so! Longfellow said it best; "The Human voice is the organ of the soul" Humans our simply wired for sound, that is why the battery to your brain is your ear - not our eyes. Video has consequentially driven our attention spans to 8 sec. (Goldfish are 9 sec.)...

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TVL for Podcasting

Ever feel like you are connected but not truly connecting to anything- anyone anymore. Major reason attention spans are dropping to rates less than that of a goldfish. Even Millennials have little patience for voicemails, reading long text – let alone books!...

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