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Bridging the Social Distance for Residents in Senior Living Facilities

Exeter, NH: The Voice Library today announced 60 Day FREE Gift Subscriptions for residents in senior living facilities. These gift subscriptions are available to families and senior living facility staff to bridge the distance and reduce the feelings of isolation...

TVL for Business

TVL for Business INSPIRE, TEACH & ENTERTAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS for GENERATIONS. We make it fun and easy for your company to, tell a Story, Teach, Gift, or present an idea as a engaging and emotionally interactive activity... anytime, anywhere in one secure universal...

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The First Phone Call From Heaven

The First Phone Call From Heaven is the name of Mitch Albom's new novel, which tells the tale of a town that suddenly starts receiving phone calls from their loved ones who have passed away. Wow! Talk about thought provoking, emotional, and soulful in one breath... A...

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Enjoy This Family Activity

  Here's How Create a timeless family legacy gift based around a loved ones life story or adventures. This family activity will inspire, heal, strengthen, and cherish one or many! Just Select a loved one you wish to honor Collect some pictures, music, or memoirs...

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