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Inspirational Marketing

Longfellow said it best: “the human voice is the organ of the soul”


What is TVL?

TheVoiceLibrary.net is a remarkable storytelling service that is fun and easy to use for all ages and skill levels. Our  technology simply lets you share life and teach or present an idea in a more soulful and emotional interactive way. Anytime, anywhere in one secure, universal place.

Why use TVL?

Emotionally connect your brand in a remarkable way. “Your story” simply in the power of your
voice, the most passionate, engaging, human way to bond with your customers. Key features include ease of use, flexibility, affordability, long term value and anytime- anywhere access.

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Chef’s Welcome Table

“Your Restaurant’s Story” (audio/picture gallery)


Chef: or staff pre- records “Their Story” features of the evening/seasonal menu plus special preparations, or wines etc.

Recordings/pictures simply upload with any phone, computer, or mobile device—to your subscription)

Customer: simply listens/views by following 2 easy steps…anytime—anyplace.



Are you using the most powerful

marketing tool in the history of man?

Discover the Power of Voice


Emotional Connection

Customer Experience #1


Chef/staff personalized invitation to customers: delivered via email or social media to customer base.

Dear Mr. and Mrs…
Chef Mario from Cafe Balleni invites you to dinner. Before you dine with us, please join our Chef’s Table to experience tonight’s menu in a new, creative and passionate way—voice and imagery of our staff and our farm to table providers. Your experience begins now.

Simply follow these steps:


Customer Experience #2


Customer in restaurant waiting on a table: deliver via hand out

Customer Experience #3


Customer at table looking at menu: Printed in menu


Customer Experience #4


Customer walking by restaurant: Poster hung in restaurant window

Customer Experience #5

Business Card

Business Cards that “Tells your story”. Back of your card print access instructions – listening credentials

What People Are Saying

Hanging out playing games with the family?  On a vacation, celebrating or just sitting around the fire talking? Capture stories in realtime or plan a special time to hear the wonderful memories we hold so dear just waiting to be shared and heard.  Record or access your voice library via our mobile app for easy, anytime access. 

The Voice Library Honors Time Together & Prompts the Telling of Our Stories.

How to Access

access anytime, anywhere—simply & flexibly. Universal & secure.

with any phone or mobile device

DEMO: Cafe Balleni / Chef Mario

Option 1

Listen on any phone

1-866-3-HEAR-ME (1-866-343-2763)

Listener ID: 0475

Listener Password: 1234


Option 2

On your mobile phone or tablet

Audio Book with Pictures


1. Download free mobile app here:


2. Login as Listener

Listener ID: 0475

Listener Password: 1234


TVL Advantage

Unlike social media, our digital storytelling audio and picture format is transformative, soulful and a real way to experience life through people again!

  • Gimmick and advertisement-free
  • No software or costly upgrades
  • Easy for all ages and skill levels
  • No performance anxiety
  • YOU own and control all content

PLUS a NEW “Revolutionary” feature: Podcast audio with pictures

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