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How much does a Subscription cost? What is the Value?

WE provide you with one secure, private, universal, easy to use 24/7 accessible Storytelling /Testimonial platform.

To record audio as well as pictures – presented in a slide show format

Access is simply: by any Phone, Computer, Mobile App

Subscriptions include a Recorder /Listener Credentials as well as a User Activity Guide

Recorder is the owner of the subscription, has full account and password access

If the Recorder chooseshe/ she can share Recorder Credentials so that manycan both record and listen on one subscription

Listeners are given Listener Credentials by the Recorder

You can choose to make your recording publicif you wish – by publishing your Listener Credentials to friends, family or others

 Subscription COST:

  $49 = 5 Yrs. Access

 5 hrs Recording time

* Unlimited Listening


$179 = 3 Yrs. Access

*Unlimited Record

*Unlimited Listen


You own and control your intellectual Property = recording and pictures at all times.

They can all be downloaded directly to your Laptop as you desire, at any time.

End of Access Time /Years = we will contact you to renew.

System is backed up nightly

Customer Service –

 9am to 5pm EST –  603-583-4880

 Please contact us any? Or Concerns

How do I share my stories?

If you want to share listening access to your Voice Library with a family member or friend, give them your account Listener ID and Password. They will not be able to record to your Voice Library, which requires a Recorder ID and PIN.

How do I interview people in different locations?

Use your phone’s conference call function, Skype, or flash capability. Call The Voice Library at 1-888-943-2763. Press 1, then follow recorder instructions. Once established, connect those on hold to join!

How do I edit my recordings?

Download your selected recordings from your TVL library to your computer. Use your personal editing software to make the edits you desire. Upload edited recordings to your TVL library. Save and title your stories to keep them organized.

How can I transfer my past recordings & home movies?

Use the speaker function on your phone to capture old recordings like voice mails, reel-to-reel recordings, cassettes, CDs and more! Just dial TVL and log in as a recorder, then turn on your phone’s speaker function to capture the recordings you choose.


User & Activity Guide

Record, Listen, & Share

Interview Tips

Instructional Video

Still need help? Send us an email or give us a call.


Available on every device!

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