Ever feel like you are connected but not truly connecting to anything- anyone anymore. Major reason attention spans are dropping to rates less than that of a goldfish.

Even Millennials have little patience for voicemails, reading long text – let alone books! [Related article on Millennials.] Videos are overplayed by Markeeters and skipped by us asap.

We in turn sacrifice our intellectual property and person hood for what – free access?

So how do we become human – really connect again, Longfellow said it best; “ The human voice is the organ of the soul” is the paint, the stories the canvas of which life is imprinted on.

It makes perfect sense now. Podcasts are the technology hybrid – generational bridge, the perfect outlet for those who want a little more meaning in their lives.

If you want more… Try Our easy to use private- secure digital storytelling platform with new add pictures features ( Ken Burn Like- PBS) makes us the perfect place to create/ host your podcast, where you always own and control you IP. More personal – invite friends and loved ones to listen by pass code invitations.

Don’t believe me .. try us free!

Go to: TheVoiceLibrary.net

Select: Join now

Fill out the form

Select: 1

Select: 5 Year Subscription Gift ( $50.00 value)

Promo code:  PODC

Then simply follow instructions.

Special offer expires Sept 6 or first 25 to act 

The uses for TheVoiceLibrary.net are endless. How will you use it?

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