We believe so!
Longfellow said it best; “The Human voice is the organ of the soul”
Humans our simply wired for sound, that is why the battery to your brain is your ear – not our eyes.
Video has consequentially driven our attention spans to 8 sec. (Goldfish are 9 sec.)
The voice allows everyone’s brain the paint a picture different and more personalized from another experience. Combining this format / venue with still pictures will be the next trend “back to the future!
Are you still reading this? Good!
Bring your family back to the future.
Try this Weekly Activity:
  • Simply have everyone in family write down 3 questions.
  • Put them in an old coffee can.
  • Every Sunday aka Storytelling Sunday at breakfast shake the can,  Everyone pick just one question to ask.
  • Discard the questions red and add 1 more.
  • Repeat every Storytelling Sunday.
Give the priceless gift of your voice & story. 
You will not be disappointed.
Get Started Now !

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