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What is TVL?

TheVoiceLibrary.net is a remarkable storytelling
service that is fun and easy to use for all ages
and skill levels. Our technology simply lets you
share life and teach or present an idea in a more
soulful and emotional interactive way. Anytime,
anywhere in one secure, universal place.

Why use TVL?

Emotionally connect your brand in a remarkable
way. “Your story” simply in the power of your
voice, the most passionate, engaging, human
way to bond with your customers. Key features
include ease of use, exibility, affordability, long
term value and anytime- anywhere access.





  • Support/build added value for your brand across all generations
  • Your brand becomes a soft and subliminal treasure and a key sponsor of ongoing family events
  • Private/white label experience—a perfect client gift
  • Priceless long term value: stay loyal to customers and stay on the top of their mind

B2B Partner Program

For a limited time

Your brand gift touches customers, clients and communities across all generations in a more personal and soulful way.

Discover the Power of Voice 


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, 

imagine now adding your voice

Encourage customers to use your gift as an activity to connect with friends and family as:

• Legacies
• Diaries
• Poetry
• Sermons
• Podcasts
• Portfolios
• Journaling
• Legacies
• Diaries
• Poetry
• Sermons
• Podcasts
• Portfolios
• Journaling
• Legacies
• Diaries
• Poetry
• Sermons
• Podcasts
• Portfolios
• Journaling

Our pitch to you!

B2B Partner Program

Limited Time Offering

Private/White Label Opportunity


TVL is Better Than Social Media

  • White label – opportunity/corporate gifting
  • Access via mobile app and computer
  • Own and control all content and intellectual property
  • No sale’s gimmicks or advertisements
  • Easily transfer old technology to new
  • One affordable, simple, secure place
  • Easy for all ages to use
  • No performance or appearance anxiety
  • Share by personal invitation only


Option 1

Savings of $599

20 or more private labeled 5 year gift subscriptions just $19.95 each


Option 2

Savings of $249

 10 private labeled 5 year gift subscriptions just $24.95 each


To get started and learn more, contact Al Brandano:


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