York Hospital Oncology & Infusion Care has chosen The Voice Library’s storytelling platform for an innovative pilot program to simply help patients “tell and share their story of life and recovery” privately with family members in a more soulful, mindful, and holistic way, as an integral part of the self healing process.

This new pilot program is based on growing research that during the healing process it is as important for one to tell their story as it is for loved ones to listen. Patients and their families can simply, privately, and securely capture and share stories of love, legacy, inspiration, humor, as well as create activities like authoring their own audiobook or book of poetry.
“The Voice Library provides a wonderful tool for our patients to use to share stories with friends and family that hold personal meaning to them.  These recorded memories are about life and our experiences—learning from the past, living in the present and building for the future” remarked Susan Kelly Westman, oncology social worker at York Hospital Oncology and Infusion Care. “We are very excited to be able to bring this program to our patients as we know there is inherent value to it.”

Our business model began nearly eight years ago as a family based legacy recording platform simply capturing the epic power of voice and timeless treasure of a story combined with pictures,” said Al Brandano President of TheVoiceLibrary.net. “Our medium promotes active, empathic listening as well as longer attention spans, where you own and control your content making it the perfect tool for programs such as with York Oncology & Infusion Care Partners.”

TheVoiceLibrary.net offers a premiere health care division featuring interactive easy to use, fun family storytelling / legacy activities and programs for assisted living residents, hospital patients, brain injury survivors, and healing & well being of everyone.  The Exeter NH based company changes the paradigm — their primary focus is to offer a private labeled “gift” for health care administrators to directly offer their clients/ patients. Their team of caring storytelling professionals is able to assist customers / clients / patients in the creative process; on site or by phone.

To learn more about TheVoiceLibrary.net and groundbreaking partnerships like the pilot program with York Hospital Oncology & Infusion Care, visit “Projects We Love” at www.thevoicelibrary.net.

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